Bath Meditation

Meditating in water is one of the most healing forms of meditation. This is why bath meditation is highly practiced. Water in meditation is meant to represent the flow of our minds helping us push through any mental blocks or anxieties.

bath meditation
Every second that makes you feel better is worth spending ~ Unknown

This is just an example of some calming music you can play during your bath meditation. You can find an abundance of different varieties of music on Youtube or any music streaming app.

I’ve used this countless times! I use Epsom salt in my bath. It isn’t a guided meditation so I have included below some things you can include in your practice.

Light some candles and turn on the speaker with YouTube. If you enjoy being in the presence of crystals, you can add them to your experience as well (highly suggested) 🌱

Some things you can do during your experience :

Set some intentions (ie. I intend to forgive others and myself or I intend to love myself unconditionally) And sit with an open heart to allow your intentions to really sink in.

Try out some simple breathing exercises. (ie. Count your breath. Please close your eyes, try to quiet your mind, and count your breath without trying to control it. Notice how long your exhale is. Try alternating nostrils)

Practice your visualization skills. (ie. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the ideal life you have always desired. Really allow yourself to believe it to be true. Feel all of the excitement as if you are really there. Implement your senses. What does it smell like? What do you see? How does it feel? Connect with the emotion.

Namaste 💫

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