Alone and Getting To Know Yourself

Inner work is more important than anything. Get to know yourself. Upgrade your mind and body. Once you’re connected the outside aligns. ~ Uknown

Spending time alone is underrated. When most people think of spending time isolated they think of feeling “lonely”. I feel like this is so far from the truth because it’s in the quiet moments that we enjoy with ourselves that our most profound healing and creativity is unveiled. says “Giving yourself alone time means you can explore things without the pressures and judgments that others may impose. Having time to yourself is critical for growth and personal development. Instead of worrying about the needs, interests, and opinions that others may have, alone time lets you focus on yourself.”

It’s not always easy to sit with your thoughts. Some people just aren’t used to being unaided. In some cases, it can leave you feeling detached or disconnected initially. This will pass. We’re so accustomed to social stimulation and being around people that it can take some time to ease into being ok spending time alone.

Over the last 2 ish years we’ve been forced to spend more time isolated due to the unforeseen global pandemic we have all endured. In my opinion, it was the silver lining in all of that chaos. Many of us were able to cultivate great routines and really dive into improving our personal development.

Some things you can do alone:

  • Meditate
  • Journal your thoughts
  • Watch a documentary on something you find interesting
  • Research a topic that you might find intriguing
  • Run yourself a bath with Epsom salts
  • Watch a new movie
  • Practice Yoga
  • Make a vision board
  • Take yourself out for dinner
  • Go for a hike/walk in nature
  • Record yourself talking about something
  • Paint/draw
  • Learn a new skill
  • Create a bucket list
  • Visit a local museum
  • Clean your space


Spending time in solitude is just as important as spending time with loved ones. In fact, in my opinion, it’s more important. If your mind isn’t right, it’ll be harder to get the motivation to leave the house so taking care of yourself first is key.

Spending time alone helps you develop a better understanding of who you are and what makes you happy. No excuses, even if it’s 10 minutes a day. Make the time for yourself and discover the true you!

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